Local Chapters

Mended Little Hearts Support Groups in Virginia and DC Area Chapters:

Mended Little Hearts of Washington D.C.

Contact : Maryann Mayhood

Phone:   (703) 599-2141

Website: http://mlhofdc.mendedlittlehearts.net/

Email: mlhwashdc@gmail.com

Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville                 

Contact: Lauri Tamberrino                    

Phone: (434) 531-6250                      

Website: www.mlhcharlottesville.org    

Email: CharlottesvilleVA@mendedlittlehearts.org

Mended Little Hearts of Central VA. 

Contact:  Kristine Slovis

Phone:  (804) 240-8474

Website: http://mendedlittleheartscva.org/

Email:  mendedlittleheartscva@gmail.com

Mended Little Hearts of Coastal Virginia

Contact: Crystal McCullough

Phone: (443) 783-0101

Website: coastalva.mendedlittlehearts.net

Email: mlhcoastalva@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mlhcoastalVA/