Heart Stories

Coastal Virginia Heart Warrior💙

Age: 12 1/2 yrs
Defect: single atrium and single ventricle, TGA, Dextrocardic, SVT, valve regurgitation, malrotation of intestines, aspleenic.
Surgeries: BT shunt, Bi-directional Glenn, Extrocardic Fontan and opened up next morning for bleed, Ladds surgery, g-tube placed and removed, lost count of cardiac caths but roughly about 5, multiple dental surgeries, tonsils and adenoids removed.

The Scott Family – Liam (HLHS-Endocarditis)

The Felt Family – Strider (HLHS)

The Malloy Family – Xander (Truncus Arteriosus)

The McNair Family – Belle (Tricuspid Atresia)

Tokarcyzk Family – Zach (TGA-VSD)

The McCulloughs – Logan (TOF)