“You don’t have to have a child with a heart defect. Anyone who is touched by that child’s life is welcome.”

– Crystal McCullough, MLH of Coastal VA leader

SURVEY SAYSWe need your vote! Please vote for us in the @adodsons Round Up Survey. If we win, next month they’ll donate their Round Up check to us so we can purchase snacks, toys, games, and comfort items for our Bravery Bags. Bravery Bags are given to children, and their families, who are staying at CHKD due to a heart surgery or cardiac catheterization. (https://www.adodsons.com/blogs/product-we-love/vote-for-our-august-round-up-charity) #1in110 #MLHCoastalVa #MLHCoVa #adodsonsroundup #givemoretakeless

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